Stûv: market leader for efficient wood- and pellet-burning stoves and fires
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Stûv: market leader for efficient wood- and pellet-burning stoves and fires | de

Since designing its very first stove in the 1980s, Stûv has been committed to producing quality products offering cutting-edge performance, for maximum customer satisfaction. Respect for the environment and air quality has always been taken into account when designing our products.  This is still one of the key priorities in Stûv’s approach today: to design wood-burning appliances that provide an answer to issues relating to energy and the environment.

Efficient devices that guarantee complete combustion significantly reduce fine particle emissions, thus preserving air quality. The pollution caused by wood heating is mainly due to open fires (which barely offer 15% efficiency) and old stoves with poor performance and very high levels of emissions.

The graph below illustrates the differences between an open fire, fireplaces older than 15 years old, the Ecodesign standard that will apply from 2022 and Stûv stoves (wood and pellets).

For this calculation, we have used the example of a house requiring 6kW of heat per hour.  Using an open fire in a fireplace, you would need to burn 9kg of wood per hour to get this 6kW of heat. In this case, the efficiency is just 15%. (If all the energy from the wood had been used to spread heat around the home, the efficiency would have been 100%, generating 40kW of heat!) Burning wood in an open fire emits a significant volume of fine particles into the atmosphere. This is because the temperature of combustion is not high enough and does not take in as much oxygen as it needs.

With the Stûv 30-compact H, the fire would only need 1.65kg of wood to produce 6kW of heat, so almost 6 times less wood.  And in terms of the emissions of fine particles, the Stûv 30-compact H emits 272 times fewer particles (!) than an open fire.

The Stûv P-10 pellet stove emits nearly 1000 times fewer fine particles than an open fire and 240 times fewer than an older style stove. The fine particle and CO emissions of the Stûv P-10 are so low that they are barely detectable in official tests carried out by independent specialist laboratories. Combining this near-zero emission level with an efficiency of more than 90% and a flame that offers unrivalled calm and pleasure is the impressive feat achieved by Stûv’s teams in designing this revolutionary product!

With their high level of efficiency and extremely low fine-particle emissions, Stûv’s burners are more efficient than the requirements stipulated by the Ecodesign standard for 2022. This standard requires manufacturers/builders in the EEA (European Economic Area) to comply with environmental ecodesign criteria, which, among other things, are designed to reduce the emission of fine particles into the atmosphere. This standard is applicable to products marketed as of 1 January 2022. However, it will have no impact on devices that are already installed.

The exceptional performance offered by Stûv products is the result of the innovation and research carried out by the Stûv team (designers, engineers and the lab) and its many well-established partnerships (with universities, laboratories specialising in thermodynamics, heating engineers, architects and companies specialising in computer simulations).

That’s why Stûv recommends replacing old appliances with next-generation alternatives, and fitting open fires with efficient inserts or stoves.

Wherever you dream of living, Stûv can create the fire that’s right for you

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