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Stûv 22-90 double-sided

Stûv 22-90 double-sided

A double-sided fireplace makes it possible to make the fire visible in transparency through two glass surfaces facing each other. These models can serve as a separation between 2 spaces, while maintaining transparency through the glass.

  •      Double sided: retractable glass on both sides
  •      Heat output regulation
  •      Ability to be connected to the outside air
  •      Air-funnelling option
  •      The door swings forward to facilitate the cleaning of the inner face of the glass

Shown model: Stûv 22-90 DF with DarkGrey DF2 steel asymmetric ready-to-fit cladding.

Stûv 22-90 double-sided

Shown model: Stûv 22-90 DF + ready-to-fit DF2 in DarkGrey

Pure lines, even in the smallest details

A fireplace easy to integrate into the room.

Combustion with glass lowered

  1. Combustion air. The air needed for combusion is drawn from the outside of the building structure (under the stove or at the rear of the appliance).
  2. Combustion. The air intake, the combustion chamber and the extraction of smoke for an air-tight system, which does not hinder the insulation and ventilation of the building.
  3. Air chases combustion smoke from the window. This means you can continuously make the most of the view of the flames.
  4. The smoke is diverted through a heat exchanger then extracted through the flue.

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