7 tips for choosing the right pellet stove
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7 tips for choosing the right pellet stove

What heating power should you choose for your pellet stove? How often do you need to top up the wood pellets? What is the noise level? What options does the manufacturer offer? Here are 7 factors to take into account when buying a pellet stove.

1 - Choose the right power

If you choose a pellet stove that is too powerful for your home, you will force it to work at its lowest setting all the time. This under-use causes clogging, requiring more regular maintenance. A maximum power of 8 kW is enough to heat a properly insulated home effectively. Plus, the broader the power range of the stove, the better the temperature will be regulated. The power of the Stûv P-10 pellet stove can be adjusted between 2.5 and 8 kW, guaranteeing real thermal comfort.

2 - Beware of the noise!

Some pellet stoves are known to be noisy: that isn’t the case with the Stûv P-10. Indeed, this pellet stove uses natural convection and radiation via the large glass window to heat rooms. This technology makes it particularly quiet. As well as this, the bottom-up feed system for the pellets means they are deposited in the crucible noiselessly: they come in through a worm screw, avoiding the annoying clicking sound.

3 - The importance of being able to see the flames

What’s the point in having a pellet stove if you can’t enjoy the sight of the fire? At Stûv, our patented technology means you can shape the flames in the Stûv P-10 pellet stove. And thanks to the adjustable combustion chamber with a large expanse of glass, it boasts a wide-angle view of the fire! As it pivots, the top part of the pellet stove optimises the view of the fire, whilst also directing the radiation of the heat.

4 - What is the range?

The size of the pellet hopper is vital: it means you can assess the range of the pellet stove, so how long it can potentially be used before you need to top it up. The hopper of the Stûv P-10 can hold 15 kg, which corresponds to 10 hours of heat on maximum power, or 30 hours on minimum power. As well as this, the loading hatch on this pellet stove means you can load it at hip height, making it really comfortable to use!

5 - Think about the environment

The high output of pellet stoves gives them a real ecological advantage. With its super-low levels of waste and a particularly high output, the Stûv P-10 was given the “Red Dot Award Product design 2016”, one of the most prestigious design awards around. The panel of judges, made up of 41 international experts, was won over by the technological innovation, sustainability and environmental benefits of this pellet stove.

6 - The easier it is to maintain...

... The better! Cleaning a pellet stove can sometimes be fiddly. That’s why it is vital to think about what you need to do to look after it. The Stûv P-10 is equipped with an ash pan that makes light work of getting rid of the ash, as well as a cool handle to open, close or pivot the glass door of the pellet stove safely.

7 - What options are there?

Can you programme the pellet stove? Is it easy to adjust? Can it be customised? Thanks to its remote control with thermostat and regulation, the Stûv P-10 offers the possibility of setting or programming the power and temperature easily. Thanks to a Wi-Fi kit, you can even control the pellet stove remotely, via a tablet or Smartphone app. Lastly, the base of the Stûv P-10 comes in three standard finishes (dark oak, light oak and steel) and can be customised.


All of these options should be considered with a wood pellet stove professional, who will guide you through the different choices available.

Bekijk al deze criteria met een vakman inzake pelletkachels, hij zal u doorheen de opties loodsen.