Guarantee - pellet range

What the statutory and extended warranty cover

Stûv offers end users an extension to the statutory warranty, subject to the applicable conditions below .

Applicable conditions for the extended warranty

To benefit from this extended warranty in time, you will need:

  1. to have purchased your stove from an official Stûv reseller.
  2. to fill in the online warranty form within 30 days of installation.

Only forms that have been filled in correctly will be taken into account.

You will then receive your Stûv warranty certificate, by email to the address provided. Make sure you keep this document safe. If you have any problems with your stove, contact your reseller. You will need to present this certificate to them for your extended warranty to be implemented.

The benefit of the right to an extended warranty will be subject to the fulfilment of the application conditions and the accuracy of the information provided to Stûv. Stûv reserves the right to demand the sales invoice issued by the reseller from the end purchaser as proof of purchase to benefit from the warranty.

Warranty period

Cover Statutory warranty period Total extended warranty periode
Body of the stove, burner 2 years 3 years
Original electrical components (engines, fan, thermostat, switches, wiring) 2 years 2 years
Other items covered by the warranty (pellet feed screws and tubes, door mechanism, hinges, clasps) 2 years 3 years





The warranty begins on the date of the original sales invoice issued by the seller to the purchaser

Warranty cover

Stûv stoves are guaranteed against:

  • manufacturing faults,
  • paint faults in the external, visible parts of the stove.

The warranty does not cover:

  • faults that have occurred during, or that are the total or partial consequence of:
    • failure to comply with the installation, usage and maintenance advice and recommendations,
    • assembly/installation, modification or repair by a third party
    • installation by an unapproved installer
    • failure to follow the installation instructions
    • modifications made by the installer
    • a lack of maintenance
    • an external cause such as flooding, lightning, fire etc.
    • the use of an inappropriate fuel (only pellets that comply with the Enplus/DINplusA1 norm are appropriate). Please refer to the operating instructions
    • an obstruction, even if only partial, of the air supply inlet or smoke outlet
    • an inappropriate smoke duct for installation
  • heat cracks usually appearing in the surrounding walls
  • discolouration appearing in the steel after use
  • maintenance parts (ash grill, vermiculites, seals, flame shaper, cool handle) that need to be replaced from time to time in normal use,
  • the ash grill stand and stove glass.


The warranty is limited to a replacement of the items acknowledged as being faulty, excluding the costs associated with the replacement, damages and interest. The replacement parts provided (excluding parts that are not covered) are guaranteed until the stove warranty expires (statutory or extended if applicable), or for a period of 2 years if the stove warranty has expired.