Stûv P‑20s

Stûv P‑20s

The advantage of a pellet stove, the pleasure of a wood stove

Elegance, silence, performance, ease of use and maintenance: all Stûv's know-how in the service of a pellet heating system that is economical, ecological and aesthetically pleasing.

Timeless with its continuous Stûv lines, user-friendly with the warmth of an almost wood fire and almost silent operation, the P-20s lets you enjoy the experience of flames in XL mode through its large curved glass pane. A new Stûv product and a whole range to come!

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Stûv Fire

A connected pellet stove

Simplify your heating experience with the Stûv P-20s and its mobile application.

The Stûv P-20s has a simplified control interface and several operating modes.

Thanks to the Stûv Pellets mobile app, you can also control your appliance remotely, adjust the temperature and power, and diagnose any faults.

Stûv P-20s - App
Stûv P-20s - Poignée bas

Quality and thermal comfort, a sculptural flame

The Stûv P-20s pellet stove offers you all the advantages of pellets and combines them with a heat and flame quality comparable to those of a wood fire, thanks to its patented "flower burner".

  • Patented flame shaping technology
  • Natural convection optimised by the height of the appliance
  • Radiation through the large curved glass pane
  • Very high efficiency combustion, ultra-limited emissions
Stûv P-20s - Back caps

Easy to install and silent

Enjoy the soothing spectacle of a calm flame, wherever you are. The enlarged view and the continuous line of the combustion chamber offer a maximum experience from different areas of the living room.

The Stûv P-20s pellet stove is distinguished by its slender, architectural shape, available in matt black.

Stûv P-20s - Top bois Stûv P-20s - Cendrier ouvert
Stûv P-20s - Load haut
Stûv P-20s - Load

Heating autonomy and ergonomic loading

With a tank capacity of 18kg, the P-20s pellet stove can operate at full power for more than 10 hours and at full capacity for more than 30 hours.

With its large hopper and wide opening, it's also designed for easy front loading. For even greater convenience and pellets that are always to hand, discover the Pellet Twin Set reloading system.

Stûv P-20s catalogue

Find out more about the technical specifications of the Stûv P-20s, its dimensions and performance.

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Stûv P-20s catalogue

Technical data sheet

Technical information about the fireplace and its installation, in pdf format.

Download the pdf

Technical data sheet
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