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Stûv, the company Stûv

Stûv, the company

Based in Bois-de-Villers, in the Namur province (Belgium), Stûv designs, produces and markets individual wood, gas and pellet heating solutions. Our stoves, fires, inserts and fireplaces are designed with incredible care, offering customer satisfaction in terms of energy performance, enjoyment and durability.

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Design and innovation

Stûv applies the principles of Design Thinking to all of its activities as a way of approaching design and improvement.

The quality of the products stems from this spirit of innovation and on-going commitment to improvement.

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Sustainable development

Individual wood and pellet heating (renewable energy) is an integral part of the solution to current energy and environmental challenges.

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Local industry serving the regions

Local industry serving the regions

With its local manpower and expertise, Stûv bases its industrial policy on on-going improvement and respect for the environment.

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Internationale Vision

Stûv exports more than 75% of what it produces and uses many European subcontractors.

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Over 30 years of know-how and technological innovation

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Work with Stûv

Would you like to join a professional, dynamic team working in the renewable energy sector?  Then please feel free to check back here for updates.