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Bases have a storage drawer and are compatible with the fan and connection to the outside air. This furniture is available in wide version (120cm) and small version (60cm). A mobile version with log store is also available (width: 60cm).



Version shown: Stûv 16/68 cube on 120 cm base and 60 cm base + log carrier. Base colour StuvGrey.

Floor plate Stûv 16-H

To protect floor coverings, Stûv has designed a specific plate for the Stûv 16-H.

Size adapted to each size of stove and StûvGrey steel finish.


Everything is at your fingertips in this mobile storage box (matches, cleaning and maintenance products,  etc.)

Connection accessories

Stûv chimney connection accessories guarantee an excellent seal and prevent condensation from escaping.

They also offer aesthetic continuity and consistency with other Stûv products (stove, flue, other accessories, etc.).

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