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Fire and only fire
Stûv 21

Fire and only fire

  • Built-in stove with retractable window: the open fire is converted to a closed stove by lowering the sliding window.
  • Available in a wide range of sizes
  • Single- and double-sided versions
  • Many possible finishes: frames, fronts, cladding and bespoke
Explore the advantages of the Stûv 21 retractable window

Slide-back glass

The glass door slides upwards and is hidden behind the brickwork. The stove is then like an open fire or a hearth which enables you to grill food !

With the glass door lowered, it produces excellent efficiency and ensures complete safety. Its exceptionally large glass door provides a perfect view of the fire.

Adjusting combustion

Complete sealing of the glass enables meticulous adjustment of the fire thanks to a damper.

Opening door for cleaning

All mechanical parts of the Stûv 21 stove are housed in the door, which pivots for easy maintenance.

Single- and double-sided

Single- and double-sided

In the double-sided version and with a retractable widows on both sides, you can install the stove between two rooms and enjoy the view of the fire from either side.

Cladding to shape your room

Cladding to shape your room

Stûv has always attached great importance to integrating a fire into the architecture.

Stûv has developed a wide range of claddings which facilitate the installation of stoves, such as the Stûv 21. Subtle, stylish lines adapt to all kinds of interior.

Hearths to be fitted

Hearths to be fitted

Fireplaces designed by Stûv allow the retractable window to be fitted in a metal surround, in the same way as for a stove. Installation takes just a few hours of minor work and can incorporate features such as a log reserve and convection air outlets (no more ugly grills!)

Explore frames, fronts and finishes

Front panels

The stove fronts completely cover the alcove: no more masonry work or plastering after fitting the stove in its alcove. Furthermore, the front enables the stove to not be fully set-in, thus reducing the required alcove depth.


The frames are a practical way of creating a finish between the stove and the masonry. It hides the thickness of the wall behind which the stove is installed and therefore makes possible a "minimalist" finish of the opening.

Version shown: Stûv 21-85 with SF4 frame.

Front panel colours

Stûv front panels are available in 19 colours of temperature-resistant powdered paint, as well as in a rust option (steel that has been oxidised then stabilised).

Combustion technique

Combustion technique

1. Combustion air. Illustration with direct air intake under the stove. The outside air intake can also be located at the rear of the stove.
2. Combustion. The air intake, the combustion chamber and smoke exhaust form an airtight system.
3. The air is taken into the room then heated by the stove.
4. The hot air is exchanged with the convection air which flows along the combustion chamber.
5. Heated air is spread throughout the room thanks to natural convection.
6. Burnt gases are released via the flue. Illustration with vertical discharge.
7. The window cleaning system involves an air supply that takes flue gasses away from the glass. This means that you can have flickering flames at all times.

The Stûv 21 family

The Stûv 21 family

The Stûv 21 is available in multiple formats, single- or double-sided, and can be finished with a frame, a frontpanel or a ready-to-fit fireplace.

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