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Stûv micromega
Stûv µM

Stûv micromega

Insert with retractable door: the window slides to allow operation as an open fire, and can be lowered to benefit from the performance of a closed fire.

Output of 5 to 12 kW suitable for low-energy dwellings, with efficiency of more than 80%.

Exceptional fire display thanks to sealing, to technology and to the curved combustion chamber with logs arranged vertically.

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Micro in terms of the internal volume of the stove. The special curved shape of the cast iron hearth concentrates the fire at the heart of the stove. This controls the power output and distributes only the required amount of heat.

Mega in terms of the view of the flames, which is made exceptional and panoramic by the shape of the chamber.

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Curved combustion chamber

To obtain a stove which is capable of producing a lower heat output, Stûv has reduced the volume of the combustion chamber. In this restricted volume, the temperature is higher and more uniform, which improves the quality of combustion.

This means higher efficiency and a fire which is more beautiful to look at.

Slide-back glass

Slide-back glass

Operation with the glass closed is the normal operating mode of the stove: it is the most economical and the most environmentally friendly.

The glass slides upwards to allow refuelling.

The Stûv microMega can also - occasionally - operate as an open fire, to grill food in the middle of winter, for example...

Perfect combustion

Perfect combustion

A single damper distributes air to 5 points in the stove and optimises combustion, whatever the selected output power. An efficiency better than 80% is guaranteed between 5 and 11 kW (Austrian standard 15A).


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Direct air intake and combustion

A single damper distributes air to 5 points in the stove and optimises combustion:

  • through the combustion bed
  • at the base of the flames
  • at mid-height
  • in the upper section (post-combustion)
  • along the window
Maximum sealing

Maximum sealing

The stove door and its seal have been designed to guarantee maximum long-lasting sealing: when the glass slides, the seal retracts to make movement easier and to avoid wear (Stûv patent).

This sealing is important:

  • to control the distribution of combustion air;
  • to ensure that the glass is swept (for greater cleanliness);
  • so that internal air is not consumed from the room;
  • to prevent gases from escaping from the stove if the room is momentarily under negative pressure.


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