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Wood-burning stove accessories: the essentials

Just having a wood-burning stove is great But without the accessories, you miss out on a whole host of practical and attractive advantages, options to enhance your comfort, and also some extra treats. And at Stûv, we really care about the details: well you didn’t imagine that we were just going to design stoves did you, without thinking about everything around them? Connections, flooring, wood storage, tidying solutions... Thanks to our range of accessories, everything is in order and in perfect harmony.

Elements to make your stove fit in with your home

Every wood-burning stove from Stûv adapts to the architecture of your home to maintain its harmony, but also to optimise the space and heating. Stûv’s visible flues are made-to-measure, and so help extend the lines of your stove to subtly highlight its presence. They are welded, polished and painted by hand. Their colour matches that of the wood-burning stove, while their fully adaptable format (including the diversion angle for the slanting part of the chimney) adds the finishing touches to making sure your stove fits in with your home. As well as this, thanks to the principle of producing heat via convection and radiation, the flues play an active and effective role in heating the room. We recommend having a flue no longer than 6 metres to avoid the risk of condensation.

The smoke duct connection accessories guarantee an excellent seal and prevent any condensation from escaping. They also help secure and optimise the installation of the chimney flue, encouraging energy savings. As well as this, they also offer aesthetic continuity and consistency with other Stûv products (stove, flue and other accessories).

Installing a Stûv 30 or Stûv 30-compact wood-burning stove on the floor of your home often means that you will need to protect the floor covering: in “open fire” mode, when reloading with wood, the floor can often be exposed. For this, Stûv has designed floor plates. These are round or oval, and adapt to the position of the stove in the room (central or near a wall). Their “Stûv Grey” steel or “Stûv Black” finish help make sure the stove, its accessories and your decor blend in with each other.

Elements to make your stove fit in with your home

Accessories to help you look after your wood

Weight, bulk, dust... Storing logs next to your wood-burning stove is no easy matter! The Stûv log trolley is a practical, attractive solution. Practical because it’s movable and really easy to handle, whilst also being sturdy. This means it can carry wood from your log store to your fire, then build up enough for several days, which is essential to make sure the wood reaches room temperature before it is burnt. Attractive because the simple design fits in with any decor, and matches your wood-burning stove perfectly. 

A fantastic tool box for wood-burning stoves, the Mobilobox is a small piece of storage furniture on wheels. You can keep everything you need to light and maintain a fire in it: kindling, firelighters, matches, brush and dustpan. It’s also the perfect place to store maintenance products and the Stûv barbecue kit. All of those little pieces of equipment which, without this, would be carelessly left by the stove, or would have to be unearthed from all four corners of the house whenever you need to use your stove. And then of course, the Mobilobox has been designed by Stûv.

For a Stûv stove to work properly, the moisture level of the wood really should be below 20%. To make sure of this, a moisture meter is essential. Another accessory to keep in your Mobilobox for example…

A barbecue kit for grilled meat in any season

A barbecue in winter? That’s totally do-able thanks to the Stûv barbecue kit! Its grill is tilted towards the fire, ensuring healthier and faster cooking. Indeed, cooking using radiation prevents charring by keeping food away from the flames. As well as this, fat falls into the ashes, while odours are drawn into the flue: your food can be turned over without getting anything dirty, and the smells are whisked away by the chimney, as if by magic! Lastly, the intensity of the fire can be adapted to suit individual preferences in terms of how meat is cooked, and to reload the barbecue, you don’t need to wait until you have some embers: one log and you’re good to go!