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Stûv 22 claddings

Stûv 22 claddings

Integrating stoves into architecture has long been a vital preoccupation for Stûv.

Stûv offers metal claddings for its Stûv 22 range (single- and double-sided stoves with retractable windows high perfomance). The simple elegance of design of its metal frames, fronts and ready-to-fit fireplaces facilitates their integration and enables the internal space to be harmoniously organised.

Discover the claddings

Frames S4

The frames are a practical way of creating a finish between the stove and the masonry. It hides the thickness of the wall behind which the stove is installed and therefore makes possible a "minimalist" finish of the opening.

The steel frame S4 is available for Stûv 22-70, Stûv 22-90 and Stûv 22-110.

Model shown : Stûv 22-90 SF + steel frame S4

Frame A4

The A4 frames are lacquered glass frames that hide the masonry, protect the wall from radiation and dirt.

Available in different finishes: lacquered glass in gloss white, matt black or matt mocha, rust steel

Model shown: Stûv 22-90 +  frame A4 lacquered glass in gloss white

Different colors

Stûv 22-70 with frame A4

Model shown: Stûv 22-70 + A4 frame lacquered glass in black matt

Different colors

Available colors :

  • Black mat
  • Moka mat
  • White brillant

Also available in rusted steel

Frame C2

Frame C2

The frame C2 allows the lateral walls of the appliance to be unobstructed and thus to offer new perspectives for the installation of the Stûv 22 retractable door insert.

Model shown : Stûv 22-90 single sided with frame C2 on a stone base.

Frame C2

Detail of the door and the depth of the frame C2

Frames L4

Frames L4

While facilitating the finishing, the frame L4 gives a panoramic view to the Stûv 22.

Different finishes possible:

  • Powdered steel finish
  • Rusted steel finish
  • Finishing with the material of your choice.

As shown: Stûv 22-90 single sided with wide frame L4 and steel finish.

Frames L4

The L4 wide frames also offers the possibility of installing a combustible material on the door frame.

As shown: Stûv 22-90 single sided with frame L4 and custom wood finish.

Custom frames L4

Want to customize your interior?

Stûv also offers tailor-made frames.

As shown: Stûv 22-110 single sided with L4 custom frame and custom ceramic finish.

Frame D3

The D3 frame makes corner finishing possible and offers new design perspectives for the Stûv 22.

  • Available for single-sided fireplaces 70 cm, 90 cm and 110 cm
  • Version with left or right alcove
  • Customised width options

Model shown : Stûv 22-90 with frame D3 left

D4 frame

The D4 frame includes an alcove to store wood or decorative objects close to the fire.

  • Version with alcove on the left or right side
  • Available for single- and double-sided fires (left or right side alcove)
  • Available for 70cm, 90cm and 110cm fires
  • Customised width options

Model shown: Stûv 22-110 double face avec cadre D4 (niche traversante)

Front panel DS

Front panel DS

The front panels offer a global aesthetic solution that integrates different features:

  • Convection air management to avoid unsightly grills;
  • Ease of installation;
  • Complete accessibility to the fireplace and its connection to the flue;
  • Powdered steel finish (Dark Grey, Concrete Grey and RAL 9010) or rusted steel

Shown model: Stûv 22-110 single-sided with front panel DS ConcreteGrey in steel

Integrated air inlets and outlets

The integrated air inlets and outlets prevent the installation of unsightly grilles.

Front panel SF1

Front panel SF1

The front panels SF1 and SF2 provides partial recessing of the fire, thus reducing the depth of the fireplace.

The advantages of the front panels SF1 and SF2:

  • Easy installation
  • Complete accessibility to the fireplace and its connection to the flue.
  • Powdered steel finish (Dark Gray, Concrete Gray and RAL 9010) or rusty steel

As shown: Stûv 22-90 single-sided with front panel in steel SF1 white (RAL 9010)

Ready-to-fit fireplaces SF1

The "ready-to-fit fireplaces" consists of a metal structure which clads the stove and combines form with function.
Quickly and easily installed, the stove adapts to your tastes by its range of colours and dimensions.

The facility of a stove combined with the aesthetics of an insert!

Ready-to-fit fireplaces SF2

Shown model: Stûv 22-110 SF + ready-to-fit SF2

Ready-to-fit fireplaces DF2

Shown model: Stûv 22-90 DF + ready-to-fit DF2

Ready-to-fit fireplaces DF7

Model shown: Stûv 22-110 DF + ready-to-fit DF7 (RAL 9010)

Colors of metal cladding

Stûv front panels and Ready-to-fit fireplace are available in 3 shades of temperature-resistant powdered paints, as well as in a rust colour (steel that has been oxidised then stabilised).

Each piece of rust made is unique. There can therefore be slight differences in colour and texture compared with what you see in your dealer's showroom.


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