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A revolutionary wood-burning stove!

A revolutionary wood-burning stove!

  • Three integrated doors for three modes of use.
  • High-quality combustion with accumulation feature
  • Configurable as a stove, suspended stove, insert or fireplace
  • 9-12 kW (Stûv 30 compact family) or6-12 kW version (Stûv 30 family)


Heat storage

The Stûv 30-compact H can be fitted with a storage core that stores part of the heat.
Once the fire has gone out, the stored heat continues to disperse over several hours, extending the feeling of warmth and well-being.

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Long lasting heat

  1. Lighting: Most of the heat is used to heat up the room while some is stored in the accumulator.
  2. Accumulation: Closed-door mode prevents the diffusion of heat through the glass and channels energy towards the accumulator.
  3. Restitution of the heat: Gradual restitution of the accumulated heat takes place after the fire dies out.
Discover the Stûv 30-compact H with accumulation

3-door system

Changing mode only takes a few seconds​

All you have to do is turn your Stûv 30-compact's drum until the door you want is in front of the stove opening.

  • The glass door gives a magnificent view of the flames, guaranteeing safety, eco-friendliness and savings, thanks to its excellent output.
  • The solid door slows down the fire and optimises performance.
  • Open fire mode means that you can make the most of the crackling flames, the smell of the wood... and even a barbeque!

Solid door

The solid door has insulation to cut off radiated heat.

The glass is protected and does not get dirty.

The solid door hides the inside of the stove when it is not in use.

Open fire

The Stûv 30 can also be used as an open fire.

Use this position to add more wood or to enjoy the radiated heat.

Powerful and efficient

The Stûv 30-compact ensures highly efficient combustion. The glass stays clean for longer and the output can easily be adjusted between 3 and 9 kW.

Stûv 30-compact family

Thanks to its special size, each model in the Stûv 30-compact range delivers a power of between 3 and 9kW and is designed to heat smaller areas or well-insulated homes.

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Stûv 30 family

Each model in the Stûv 30 range delivers a power of between 6 and 12kW and is designed to heat large areas or homes that aren't very well insulated.

Find out more about the Stûv 30 models
Wood stoves, fitted stoves or ready-to-fit fireplaces

Wood stoves, fitted stoves or ready-to-fit fireplaces

A versatile range : wood stoves, suspended stoves, fitted stoves or ready-to-fit fireplaces.

All models in the Stûv 30-compact range


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