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Stûv microMega with Side cupboards

Stûv microMega with Side cupboards

Stûv offers storage cupboards which extend the hearth and enable logs to be stored along with all the objects needed for a good fire (firelighters, kindling, ash bucket, ash vacuum, etc.).

Stûv microMega with Side cupboards


A true "heating instrument" when the Stûv microMega is integrated with its cupboards which enable the storage of all that's needed - kindling, logs, matches, barbeque grille, ash vaccum, etc.

Much more than a simple decorative accessory!

Direct air intake and combustion

One air shutter distributes air in five places and optimizes combustion, whatever the chosen combustion rate :

  • through the ember bed
  • at the base of the flames
  • half-way up the stove
  • in the upper part (post-combustion)
  • along the glass

Efficiency and postcombustion

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Technical information

Technical information about your stove installation ( PDF format )

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