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Stûv 16-in

Stûv 16-in

A narrow frame to cover up the stonework, a frame attached to hide the outline of the recess or a frame to be customised with the decorative elements of your choice. Available in three sizes. Can use air ducting or choose the optional fan.

Hinged door system

The Stûv 16 is fitted with a hinged door which only allows the fire to be refuelled. The Stûv operates only with the door closed.

3 sizes

The stove is available in 3 widths:

  • Narrow model (Stûv 16/58) for 33 cm logs maximum
  • Intermediate model (Stûv 16/68) for 50 cm logs maximum
  • Wide model (Stûv 16/78) for 60 cm logs maximum


3 frames to customise your stove:

  1. Narrow frame to hide the thickness of the stonework
  2. Frame applied to hide the outline of the recess
  3. Frame to be customised with your choice of decorative elements 

Frame D4

The frame D4 increases the presence of the fireplace by giving it a 16/9 format and makes it possible to integrate a wood niche.

+ Available for the 58cm, 68cm and 78cm fireplaces.

+ Version with wood niche left or right.

+ Log holder included in the niche.

When performance rises from the flames

When performance rises from the flames

  • Damper beneath the stove: a single control to adjust the 3 air supplies.
  • Double combustion: optimises the combustion of the wood and reduces the production of ash.
Operating mode

Operating mode

  1. Combustion air.
    Illustration with direct air intake under the stove. The external air intake can also be located at the rear of the device.
  2. Combustion.
    The air intake, the combustion chamber and smoke evacuation form an air-tight system.
  3. The air is captured in the living room and is heated by the device.
  4. The convection air circulates throughout the combustion chamber and captures heat from the smoke.
  5. The heated air comes out of the device naturally and spreads within the room.


Stûv 16 stoves, unlike the old roomheaters, have been designed to operate without ventilation. The fan is an optional extra.

The fan improves the circulation of hot air in the rom and makes the temperature uniform.

Heat comfort

We recommend that you apply the following principle:
A fan (located under the stove, for example) sucks ambient air through a network of ducts in the furthest locations in the room or in neighbouring areas, avoiding picking up heavy dust on the ground. Therefore negative pressure is created and consequently the heated air is returned through carefully arranged orifices.

Technical information

Technical information about your stove installation ( PDF format )

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