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Stûv 30-compact in ready-to-fit

Stûv 30-compact in ready-to-fit

Quick and easy to install, this fireplace matches your taste with its several colour choices and dimensions.

Log stores

The ready-to-fit woodburner lets you store your logs as well as your log holder (sold as an accessory).

Cast iron combustion chamber

The combustion chamber is made exclusively of cast iron for optimum performance.


There are 4 possible configurations

3-door system

  • With the glass door, you can make the most of watching the flames in complete safety and with excelent output. Proof of its economic and eco-friendly operation.
  • In idling (smouldering) mode, the solid door with its heat loop channels heat to the storage core. This hides the combustion chamber when the stove is not being used.
  • In open fire mode, you can hear the flames crackling, breathe in the lovely smell of the fire.... Or you can also have a barbeque.

Powerful and efficient

The Stûv 30-compact in ensures highly efficient combustion. The glass stays clean for longer and the output can easily be adjusted between 3 and 9 kW.

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The Ready-to-fit fireplaces are installed by assembling the different components. Assembly is quicker and less restrictive than customised incorporation into a partition wall.

Finish colours

Stûv front panels are available in 19 shades of temperature-resistant powdered paints,as well as in a rust colour (steel that has been oxidised then stabilised). Each item produced is unique. (As a result, there may be slight differences in shade and texture compared to the product you have seen on display with your resellers).


The Stûv 30-in can be fitted with a barbecue kit. The food cooks by radiated heat, without coming into contact with the flames. Juices are collected in the stainless steel tray and smells are extracted by the flue.

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