Wellbeing, pleasure, comfort: happiness is around the fireplace!
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Wellbeing, pleasure, comfort: happiness is around the fireplace!

Lighting a fire isn’t just a logistical process, like turning on the heating. Fire has the ability to transform the atmosphere by providing literal and figurative warmth. An insert, a stove, a fireplace... and the magic begins!

Fire arouses all five senses

Fire is absolutely fascinating, which means we can spend hours watching logs burn, flames dance, embers turn red... it’s a live show for our eyes. And if the design of the fireplace fits in perfectly with the interior decor, the show is guaranteed to be high quality!

As well as the light, there is the sound: crackling, whistling and snapping are just some of the gentle sounds that caress our ears without ever becoming annoying. And although the natural music of burning wood is relaxing, the silence of a Stûv P-10 pellet stove is also delightful.

When it comes to smells, you’ve got a treat in store: between the natural aroma of wood waiting for its time to come in the log basket and the incomparable smell that escapes from the stove in open fire mode, everything is there to delight the nose.

Handling wood, plunging your hand into the back of pellets, feeling the cold ash between your fingers... Even before your body enjoys the heat produced by the fire, your sense of touch has already been aroused a thousand times.

Get the barbecue kit out… and soon it will be the turn of your sense of smell that will be tantalised!

Fire creates its own unique moments

As well as the very personal pleasure of lighting and enjoying a fire, the insert, stove or other fireplace also has the power to bring people together. Gather round with family or friends by the fire, pass on to the youngsters the secrets of a fire that lasts... These moments of sharing and togetherness are so precious.

But relaxing around the fire also means taking a break, a moment to slow down, in an atmosphere that is perfect for reading, meditation, or just a snooze. And there’s no risk of getting bored, as fires are also fun, so you’ll always need to adjust the logs or the air outlet.

Fire gives you comfort and reassurance

Without the risk of being spoiled, the heat produced by an insert or wood-burning stove - as well as by a gas fire or pellet stove - is a gentle warmth which is never aggressive, and always clean. Everything comes together to produce warming comfort.

Stûv stoves boast Stûv Drive technology, an automatic temperature regulator that optimises control and reduces energy consumption. For gas or pellet fires, a remote control with a thermostat and integrated regulation and a WiFi kit offer complete comfort by giving you the chance to programme and manage the stove remotely.