Pellet stoves

Stûv pellet stoves offer very high efficiency combustion for ultra-limited emissions. Stûv pellet stoves offer very high combustion efficiency, with ultra-low emissions. Thanks to a patented technology that sculpts the flame through a large, adjustable glass pane, the P-10 and P-20s pellet stoves also offer an incomparable view of the fire... for even more pleasure!
High-performance, environmentally-friendly and aesthetically pleasing, Stûv pellet stoves stand out from the crowd, while remaining discreet.

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Stûv pellet stoves

Stûv pellet stoves are designed and manufactured in Belgium, in the heart of Europe, out of conviction and a concern for quality. With 90% efficiency, extremely low pollutant emissions and a voluptuous flame sculpted by patented technology, the P-10 and P-20s pellet stoves combine the pleasure of fire, performance and aesthetics.

  • Virtually silent operation (pellets are transported upwards and there is no blower)
  • The spectacle of the flames at the top: model with 45-degree rotating combustion chamber to direct the radiation (Stûv P-10)
  • The spectacle of flames from below: modern model with combustion chamber and curved glass enlarged at the bottom (Stûv P-20s)
  • Performance ahead of its time: high efficiency and extremely low fine-particle emissions
  • Direct supply for outside air: greater efficiency essential for well-insulated houses
  • Removable ashtray: handy for disposing of ashes!
  • Integrated fuel storage with a pellet tank in the lower section (Stûv P-10)
  • Stûv Remote application for Smartphone and tablet for controlling the appliance at home (Wifi) and remotely (4G)
  • Optional remote control with backlit display and integrated thermostat (Stûv P-10 and Stûv P-20s)
Stûv pellet stoves

What you need to know about pellet stoves

The fuel

Wood pellets are a type of fuel made by compressing sawmill waste, such as sawdust and wood shavings. This manufacturing process produces small, very dry and dense cylinders with a high calorific value. Pellets do not require the addition of glue or binder, as the compressed lignite from the wood ensures their cohesion.

The air you need to function properly

Pellets need air to burn!

This air can be extracted in two ways:

What you need to know about pellet stoves

Fumes to be evacuated

Combustion generates flue gases, mainly CO2 , which leave the stove at over 250°C. These gases need to be assessed by a flue capable of 'drawing' them naturally out of the building. To allow the fumes to rise, the ideal flue is vertical, sufficiently high, thermally insulated and covered with a cap: it has a round cross-section with a suitable diameter, and a smooth inner wall. The flue to the roof outlet should preferably be installed inside the house, so that it is not cooled by the outside air. If the flue is outside, it should always be insulated. Elbows are possible, but preferably in the low section. The flue must always have a certain slope. Consult your installer: he will be able to size the flue and guarantee correct operation whatever the weather conditions. 

The dual benefits of Stûv pellet stoves: efficient, virtually silent heating

Located at the top or bottom of the stove, the combustion chamber of Stûv pellet stoves heats solely by natural convection and radiation.

  • The radiation is due to the heat from the flames, the glass and the nozzle. You feel the pleasant sensation of the sun's rays.
  • Convection heats the air in the room, which is drawn naturally by the pellet stove in its lower section, capturing the heat through an exchanger and rising naturally in the room. This heating can quickly make the air in your room several degrees warmer, first near the stove, then gradually throughout the room.

The natural convection heating system eliminates the need for a blower. This, combined with the rising burner feed, makes the appliance particularly quiet.

Pellet stoves built to last

Stûv pellet stoves have been designed with longevity in mind. With regular maintenance, you'll be using it for many years to come. All the parts that need replacing are easily accessible, which will reduce the time required for servicing. Aesthetically, Stûv pellet stoves have a sober, timeless design, which is also a factor of durability.

Is it cost-effective to heat with a pellet stove?

Generally speaking, pellet stoves are more efficient than wood stoves, even when the latter have a very high efficiency like the models designed by Stûv (80% on average). Stûv pellet stoves also perform better than the Ecodesign standard of 2022.

What have our designers achieved? Pellet stoves that emit almost 1,000 times fewer fine particles than an open fire, and 240 times fewer than an old-generation stove, with an efficiency of 90%.

These exceptional results were highlighted in a comparative study carried out by Test Achats (a Belgian consumer association) (Stûv P-10), which highlighted "the total absence of fine particles due to the complete combustion that takes place thanks to the design of the burner conceived for the appliance" and "the systematic efficiency of over 90%, whatever the selected output".

And if you want to be able to modulate the heat as you like for maximum comfort, then the pellet stove - with its thermostatic operation - offers a whole host of advantages!

Is it cost-effective to heat with a pellet stove?

How do I choose my pellet stove?

Heating power, recharging frequency, noise level, environmental impact, maintenance, customisation... these are all criteria to be taken into account and discussed with an approved professional:

Power: make sure your heater is the right size. An 8kW output will be sufficient to heat a well-insulated home efficiently. Under-use of a stove that is too powerful can lead to clogging and maintenance problems, which is why it's so important to make the right choice.

Noise: are you worried about the noise of the blower and falling pellets? The Stûv P-10 and P-20s use natural convection and radiation for silent operation. The upward-flowing burner also eliminates the rattling noise typically associated with fuel delivery. 

Aesthetics and flexibility? Wide glass and a pivoting head, a winning combination with the P-10 model (Stûv P-10)! It gives you a wide-angle view of the fire, while directing the heat radiation. Stûv also uses patented technology to shape and enhance the flame of its pellet stoves.

Autonomy capacity: take into account refuelling intervals. The size of the pellet tank is important in determining how long the stove can operate before refuelling is necessary. The Stûv P-10 and P-20s have a tank that guarantees over 10 hours of heating at maximum capacity or 30 hours at minimum capacity. 

Ecological aspects: limit your environmental impact.  With their extremely low emissions of pollutants and high efficiency, Stûv pellet stoves have succeeded in setting themselves apart. This performance has earned the Stûv P-10 the prestigious "Red Dot Award Product Design 2016" for technological innovation, functionality, sustainability and ecology.

Maintenance: save time and energy with features designed to make cleaning and maintenance easier. Equipped with an ashtray for easy ash removal, Stûv pellet stoves are worry-free to maintain.

Pellets: the right choice and the right reflexes

For optimum use of pellet stoves, the pellets must meet a set of criteria in terms of size, moisture content and ash content. So make sure you buy pellets with ENplus A1, DINplus and NF high performance quality certification. It is also essential to generate as little dust as possible during transport and storage, to avoid clogging the appliance when the pellets are poured in. So avoid crushing the bags, keep the pellets in their original bag and store them in a dry place.

For more advice and information on quality standards, see our blog post.

Pellets: the right choice and the right reflexes

How do I use my Stûv pellet stove properly?

  1. Replenishment before lighting: Check the level of the pellet tank before lighting. If it needs to be filled, top it up. Be careful not to empty the dust from the bottom of the bag into the tank (see "Fuel" above). Do not load pellets that have become damp. Do not insert any foreign objects, as this could block the pellet feed screws.
  2. If you are using the Stûv P-10, cleaning before lighting: Make sure you empty the ashes regularly. It is advisable to do this before each start-up. Operate the shaker at least 10 times (with the appliance switched off). This mechanism cleans the ring on which the pellets burn. Then empty the ash pan. Check that no ashes have fallen into the ash pan. If so, vacuum clean it. Replace the ash pan and make sure that the mechanism is securely locked, as this could cause air ingress and disrupt combustion.
    If you are using the new Stûv P-20s model, note that the appliance features automatic ash removal.
  3. Lighting: Light your fireplace using your remote control. The remote control displays the time required for the flame to appear. Ignition activates the augers, which feed the pellets to the burner. This takes about 10 minutes, as the second screw is systematically emptied when the appliance is switched off. It is therefore normal for the flame not to appear until 10 minutes after ignition. Do not fill the burner with firelighters or pellets via the lantern, as this could block the appliance.
  4. Operating mode setting: In thermostatic mode, the heater automatically regulates its output to reach and maintain a set room temperature. When the desired temperature is reached, the appliance remains at minimum output. If the temperature drops, it will automatically increase its output.
    • If you activate the eco-stop control, the appliance will shut down if the room temperature continues to rise despite operating at minimum power. 
    • In power mode, you can manually set the appliance power and flame height. The appliance will operate at the requested power level until further notice. 
    • The calendar programme can be activated to define power or temperature set points during the week.
  5. Refuelling: Stûv pellet stoves are equipped with a pellet level sensor. When the sensor detects a low level, the appliance reduces its output. If the tank is not refuelled within 10 minutes, the stove will start to shut down. Stûv pellet stoves have a fuel tank capacity of 16 to 18 kg (Stûv P-10 and Stûv P-20s), for around thirty hours of autonomy.
  6. Switching off: When switching off, the appliance stops the first feed screw and empties the second, burning off its pellet content. The stove then continues to operate for 15 minutes. For the next 40 to 80 minutes, the appliance remains hot and dissipates the remaining heat. 

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How do I use my Stûv pellet stove properly?

How do I maintain my Stûv pellet stove?

To keep your pellet stove in good condition, it's important to carry out simple maintenance tasks every day, and a more thorough cleaning once or twice a week. Hand over to a professional for an annual check-up. 

Are you using a Stûv P-10?

The cold hand mechanism opens and closes the glass door. 

Every day: use the ash removal control to activate the shaker at least 10 times before each ignition (Stûv P-10). Note that the Stûv P-20s model allows automatic ash removal using a tilting grate each time the appliance is switched off and after 6 hours of operation. Clean the glass with a soft cloth slightly dampened with a glass cleaner, triple zero steel wool or a damp cloth dipped in ash (an ecological and effective solution), and wipe the metal parts with a dry cloth. 

Once or twice a week: remove the ashes, make sure there are no deposits in the ash pan and thoroughly clean the combustion chamber with a hoover. 

Once a year or when the message "contact the after-sales service" appears: call a professional approved by Stûv to service your pellet stove. He will sweep the stove and check the condition of the seals, moving parts (locks, hinges, dampers, bearings) and the air supply duct. 

If a component needs replacing, spare parts can be obtained from the installer and do not require dismantling of the set.

For everything you need to know about maintaining your pellet stove, read our blog post.

Are you using a Stûv P-20s?

Every day: Clean the glass. The high-quality combustion of the Stûv wood-burning insert ensures that the glass does not get very dirty, especially if dry wood is used. However, it will be necessary from time to time to remove the slight accumulation of dust using steel wool 000 or a cloth (Avoid any corrosive products!).  A quick job to help your glass look like new again. 

Benefit from automatic ash removal! The automatic ash removal system with tilting grate makes it easy for you. The mechanism is activated each time the appliance is switched off, and after 6 hours of continuous operation with a 15-minute pause (or 25 minutes including the flame extinguishing phase). What's more, the large capacity of the 5-litre ashtray provides a substantial autonomy of 170 hours (based on 8 hours' use per day at 10 kW), reducing the frequency with which the ashtray needs to be emptied. This combination of features simplifies ash management, making the use of your Stûv more pleasant and less restrictive over the long term.

Every year or every 2000 hours, it is essential to call in your installer to clean the extractor and exchangers, check the pressure, check the seals and carry out any other necessary work (updating the software, recalibrating the flow, updating the hour meter). 

Chimney sweeping : Stûv also recommends sweeping the flue at least once a year. Consult the regulations in force in your country/region.

In-depth maintenance: After 2 or 3 seasons, your installer should also carry out in-depth maintenance, replacing the seals. This operation does not require the decor to be dismantled.

How do I maintain my Stûv pellet stove?

How do I choose the installer for my Stûv pellet stove?

Consult our network of authorised dealers and installers near you. 

Please note that our dealers also provide after-sales service. Stûv guarantees the availability of spare parts for 10 years and offers a free extended warranty. 

Stûv guarantees

Quality guarantee: Stûv pellet stoves are designed and manufactured in Belgium.

Guaranteed performance: Stûv pellet stoves are certified to be well below emission standards for fine particles and carbon monoxide, with emission thresholds well below current guidelines for low-pollution combustion and higher efficiency than required by all rules and regulations. The Stûv P-10 has also won the prestigious Red Dot Award Product 2016, which assesses products on the basis of criteria such as innovation, functionality, sustainability and ecology. 

Design guarantee: Stûv designs products where form follows function, with timeless aesthetics and silent combustion. 

After-sales service: Stûv has a network of authorised dealers providing after-sales service. Stûv guarantees the availability of spare parts for 10 years. For all these reasons, Stûv offers a free extended warranty.

Stûv guarantees