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Harmonising fire with architecture
Stûv 22

Harmonising fire with architecture

Make the most out of the flames... thanks to an almost invisible frame. Infinitely customisable: steel, stone, wood... Thanks to a patented technique which means the finish material can be applied as close as possible to the fire. A unique appliance with peak efficiency. We invite you to find out more about the the story of Stûv 22.

Available in 3 widths: 70, 90 and 110 cm

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The advantages of the Stûv 22

Check out the advantages of the Stûv 22 in video.

Authenticity of open fire

In open fire mode, the Stûv 22 stimulates your 5 senses.

The window slides for complete retraction. 

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Efficiency of closed fire

With the window closed, the stove produces all the heat you could want. No unwanted detail interferes with your view of the fire. 

Wide operating range

Wide operating range

The Stûv 22 operates equally well at low power (5 kW) and at full output (up to 18 kW).

Integrated door frame

Stûv’s patented technology means that the door frame disappears from view, covered with the decorative material of your choice. The hidden frame provides a high level of sealing and protects the wide sliders to give robustness and durability.

Pivoting frame

The frame pivots for maintenance purposes, giving access to the inside of the window and to the technical components of the stove with no requirement for dismantling.

Combustion with glass lowered

  1. Combustion air. The air needed for combusion is drawn from the outside of the building structure (under the stove or at the rear of the appliance).
  2. Combustion. The air intake, the combustion chamber and the extraction of smoke for an air-tight system, which does not hinder the insulation and ventilation of the building.
  3. Air chases combustion smoke from the window. This means you can continuously make the most of the view of the flames.
  4. The smoke is diverted through a heat exchanger then extracted through the flue.

Open fire mode - glass raised

  1. In open fire mode, the air taken from outside the building is brought to the stove opening inlet (integrated damper). Therefore an open fire does not consume the warm air in the room and does not through internal ventilation off-balance.
  2. In open fire mode, the baffle opens and allows the smoke to pass through without zig-zagging towards the flue. The draw needed is reduced, as well as the risk of smoke being driven back into the room.


A barbecue kit can be fitted for use in open fire mode. The kit comprises a platter and a double grill to hold the food. The double grill inclines for cooking by radiation without contact with the flames. The stainless steel platter prevents staining, while the flue takes away cooking smells.

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All the Stûv 22 inserts

All the Stûv 22 inserts

Available in 3 formats, flush-fitted, with a frontpanel or a decorative frame

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