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Wood-burning insets Stûv 6

Wood-burning insets

Remarkable thanks to its wide view of the fire and a compact frame, the Stûv 6 wood-burning inset can easily be installed in most chimneys. To replace an older less efficient fire, or to give your hearth new life, the Stûv 6 will give you a more efficient and environmentally friendly solution. Attractive, ecological and economical, this insert, will give your home a distinctive, personal look: the essential fire.

Discover the benefits of the Stûv 6


The Stûv 6 is available in three sizes:

  • Stûv 6 - 46x55: Width 46cm x height 55cm - output between 4 and 7 kW
  • Stûv 6 - 66x50: Width 66cm x height 50cm - output between 5 and 9 kW
  • Stûv 6 - 76x55: Width 76cm x height 55cm - output between 6 and 10 kW

Stûv 6 ?

Stûv 6 owes its name to the characteristic shape of its inside profile. Stûv’s designers have strived to achieve the most effective shape for the natural circulation of air. Hiding the complexity of the technical design, what you see is a shape that everyone will recognise: a 6.

Quality of the materials - durability and performance

The combustion chamber is made of cast iron. This material offers a high level of heat resistance whilst maximising performance. Shock resistant and something that will stand the test of time, cast iron makes it possible to create sophisticated shapes for the benefit of technical solutions.

Performance that's ahead of its time

With its high level of efficiency and incredibly low fine particle emissions, the Stûv 6 performs better than the requirements stipulated by the Ecodesign standard for 2022. Replacing your old insert with a Stûv 6 means using half the wood and dividing the quantity of pollution produced by 25. For the same amount of heat, and a more enjoyable experience...


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