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Stûv 6-in 66x50

Stûv 6-in 66x50

Boasting both a wide view of the fire and a compact frame, the Stûv 6 wood-burning insert can easily be installed in any kind of chimney.
To replace an older insert, or to give your hearth some meaning, the Stûv 6 will give you a more efficient and environmentally friendly solution.
Attractive, ecological and economical, this insert will make your fireplace useful, authentic and full of life: the essential fire.

Output 5 to 9 kW


The Stûv 6-in is available in 7 sizes:

  • Stûv 6-in 46x55: Width 46cm x height 55cm - output between 4 and 7 kW
  • Stûv 6-in 56x50: Width 56cm x height 50cm - output between 4 and 8 kW
  • Stûv 6-in 66x50: Width 66cm x height 50cm - output between 5 and 9 kW
  • Stûv 6-in 66x55: Width 66cm x height 55cm - output between 5 and 9 kW
  • Stûv 6-in 76x55: Width 76cm x height 55cm - output between 6 and 10 kW
  • Stûv 6-in 76x60: Width 76cm x height 60cm - output between 7 and 11 kW
  • Stûv 6-in 86x60: Width 86cm x height 60cm - output between 8 and 13 kW


There are four finishings available:

  1. Thin overhanging frame: allows you to reduce the depth of the housing to 35cm (including fan)
  2. Thin frame
  3. Applied frame 4 sides: covers the material that makes up the partition all the way around. Made up of 2 elements that fit inside each other, you can adjust the depth according to the thickness.
  4. Applied frame 3 sides: offers the same benefits as the 4-sided frame, but with the option of having a base.

Technical information

Technical data concerning the stove and its installation, in PDF format.

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