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A practical and user-friendly range of accessories: barbecue, log trolley, storage box.

Log trolley

Practical and mobile, the log trolley is the ideal solution for storing your wood.  Because of its castors, you can move it easily to load it with wood and then take it close to the fire.


This mobile box enables you to have at your fingertips all the tools (firelighters, kindling, cleaning and maintenance products, matches, barbeque grille, etc.) which are essential to get the full benefit from your stove.

Barbecue kit

Would you like to feel like you do in the summer all year round? Well, now it's possible! Thanks to this barbeque kit which fits your Stûv, you can make the most of convivial times with family or friends.

Barbecue kit

Healthier: With the Stûv grill, the food is placed in front of the flames, rather than over them. It cooks by radiated heat and is not charred by the flames from drops of fat.
Quicker: no waiting for embers.
Odourless: the flue draws away cooking smells.

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Connection accessories

Stûv chimney connection accessories guarantee an excellent seal and prevent condensation from escaping.

They also offer aesthetic continuity and consistency with other Stûv products (stove, flue, other accessories, etc.).


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