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Stûv 30-in corner front panel

Stûv 30-in corner front panel

As well as being available in a vast range of colours, it has three functions. Can also be connected to the outside air, the air can be ducted and and a fan and/or an optional hearth plate can be added.

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3-door system

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Finish colours

Stûv finishes are available in 19 shades of temperature-resistant powdered paint, as well as in a rust colour (steel that has been oxidised then stabilised).


Various possibilities for distribution of hot air and optional fan.
The fan improves the circulation of hot air in the room and makes the temperature uniform.

Heat comfort

In order to obtain better heat comfort through uniformly distributed temperatures, we recommend that you apply the following principle:

A fan (located under the stove, for example) sucks ambient air through a network of ducts in the furthest locations in the room or in neighbouring areas, avoiding picking up heavy dust on the ground. Therefore negative pressure is created and consequently the heated air is returned through carefully arranged orifices.


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