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Joining the Stûv team means becoming part of an ecosystem of complementary professions making up a whole network, working together in harmony. y becoming a Stûv MEMBER, you are embarking on a harmonious entrepreneurial adventure, imbued with the fundamental values of BEAUTY, GOODNESS and TRUTH that will open up new horizons for your professional life."

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Stûv et le développement durable

The 6 steps to opening your STUV house

Stûv Members develop their management skills in their own way, supported and inspired by the experience of a large group.


Stûv Members make use of their people skills in their valuable commercial relationships, both on a human and an economic level.


Stûv Members convey their technical abilities by passing on their knowledge via their advice and after-sales service.


Choosing the ideal location is key to your success


We help you recruit your sales team

Store opening

Our teams will be there by your side to help you navigate the opening process


We create the shop design and provide support to carry out the works


We train you to become a franchisee. And we offer training to your sales staff and managers

Business Operation

Benefit from assistance, follow-up and support every step of the way until you build a successful business

The digital experience
at Stûv
L’expérience digitale chez Stûv
The customer experience &
the consumer journey.
Notre réseaux
Stûv et le développement durable

Designing an environment that reflects your image and expresses Stûv’s values.

Welcoming your customers into the STÛV world will extend the experience at the point of sale so they can really understand the pleasure of FIRE.

Stûv et le développement durable

Stûv outlets

  • Our programme will help you develop your project and follow up your work.
  • Development of your project on the basis of being allocated a sector and some market research.
  • Preparing your business plan and assessing the size of your organisation.
Stûv et le développement durable

Introduce people to the pleasure of fire in the heart of your Stûv house.

Discover, touch and experience our products and the benefits that essential fire offers.

Stûv et le développement durable

How to join & R.O.I.

Becoming a Stûv MEMBER means embarking on an adventure on solid foundations. It’s about forging a successful new career working for a prestigious brand. It’s about being part of the development of new human and technological energies that are sustainable and durable. It’s about discovering new ways to share skills and experience, and working within a family of committed colleagues. Come and meet us.

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