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Double burner

+ Double row of gas injectors: view of fire over the whole depth
+ Heat adjustable for optimum comfort and an extended heating season
+ “Wave” programme to shape the flame and reduce consumption by 10 to 45 %

Wood burner

+ Double row of gas injectors: view of fire over the whole depth
+ Looks like a real wood fire
+ Heat adjustable for optimum comfort and a longer ‘heating season’
+ “Wave” programme to shape the flame and reduce consumption by 10 to 45 %

Single face

​The tulp built-in gas appliances are available as single face version within several formats and dimensions.

Double sided

Double side models help create transparency between two spaces. Each side of the fire can be decorated with the finish of your choice (steel frame, under-cover, Piet Boon finish).

See the double side models

Corner models

The corner models are available as left or right versions. They offer optimum integration in the architecture of your room, and boast a wide view of your fire.

3-sided models

3-sided models are glazed on 3 sides, meaning you get to see as much of your fire as possible.

Burner decoration

Options for internal finish:

  1. logs
  2. white stones (optional)
  3. grey stones (optional)

Back panel options

  1. Black steel as standard
  2. Black glass (option)
  3. “Piet Boon” iron strips (option)


On the outside, it’s an exquisite fire with gently sloping stucco, but hidden behind this beautiful exterior are moulds made of a heat-re - sistant composite, seamlessly fitted into your wall and no gaps around the edge of the stucco work. The lightweight frame is easy to fit and the polished top surface can be easily painted in any colour you choose.

See the installation process

Shapes which blend into the architecture

+ Finishing frames providing fluid shapes for perfect integration into the architecture
+ Withstands heat and does not crack
+ Easy to install

Steel frames

+ Frame in 6 mm steel sheet
+ Integrated inlets and outlets for convection air (no ventilation grills to install)

Piet Boon editions

+ Rear panel in iron strips
+ Removable frontal strips (optional)
+ Design: Piet Boon

See all the Piet Boon models
Anti-reflective glass

Anti-reflective glass

Tulp fires are available as an option with Anti-reflective glass, as the name suggests most reflection is avoided and concentrates your attention on the fire.

Remote control

All Stûv gas fires are remote controlled as standard, the handset contains a thermostat as well providing access to the automatic programs and timer functions.

WIFI module

The fires can be fitted with a WIFI module to offer control functions from a smart phone or tablet (only on local home network).

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