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Stûv 21 claddings

Stûv 21 claddings

Integrating stoves into architecture has long been a vital preoccupation for Stûv.
Stûv offers metal claddings for its Stûv 21 range (single- and double-sided stoves with retractable windows). The simple elegance of design of its metal frames, fronts and ready-to-fit fireplaces facilitates their integration and enables the internal space to be harmoniously organised.

Thin frame

Fitting a frame hides the thickness of the wall behind which the fireplace is set, thus offering a minimalist finish.

Applied frame

The applied frame covers the edges of the alcove and allows a less elaborate finish to be used.

SF4 frame

  • Wide finishing frame.
  • Available in 19 colours, plus rusted steel.
  • Optional bespoke dimensions.

Model shown: Stûv 21-85 SF light interior + rusted SF4

SF8 frame

  • Steel finishing frame with side extensions.
  • Optional bespoke dimensions.
  • Only available for Stûv 21-105.

Version shown: Stûv 21-105 SF light interior + SF8 custom size


The stove frontpanels completely cover the alcove: no more masonry work or plastering after fitting the stove in its alcove. Furthermore, the frontpanel enables the stove to not be fully set-in, thus reducing the required alcove depth.

Ready-to-fit fireplaces

Claddings take only a few hours to install and can be removed just as quickly to take with you when you move house.
Integrated convection system and log reserve.
Model shown: Stûv 21-85 light interior + rust SF2.

Overview of frames, frontpanels and fireplaces

Frames, frontpanels and ready-to-fit fireplaces are available for the different Stûv 21 formats.

Front panel colours

Stûv front panels are available in 19 shades of temperature-resistant powdered paints, as well as in a rust colour (steel that has been oxidised then stabilised).

Rusted steel finish

Every product made is unique. There can therefore be slight differences in colour and texture compared with what you see in your dealer's showroom.


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