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Gas stove or insert: efficiency and consumption

More and more people are choosing a gas stove or insert, using a fuel that is practical, effective and not very polluting. But you have to make sure your stove is efficient! Efficiency and consumption for a gas stove or insert: here are all the questions you need to ask... and Stûv’s answers.

What is the efficiency of a gas stove ?

The combustion efficiency of a gas stove or insert is the relationship between the heat that it produces and the energy contained in the gas that it consumes. So a high level of efficiency means that the stove transfers a large proportion of the heat to the room. Technically, this efficiency is calculated in a laboratory: the quantity of gas consumed and the heat of the gas emissions coming out of the stove are measured. The colder this smoke is, the higher the level of efficiency. In fact, if the energy is no longer in the smoke, it means that it has been transformed into heat in the device. 100% efficiency is not possible, as the gases burned must stay hot enough to rise naturally through the smoke outlet.

Is gas an economic fuel ?

Natural gas is slightly more expensive than wood or pellets, but it boasts the advantage of immediate availability, via a simple connection, eliminating any cost of storage or risk of running out. With a gas stove or insert, you only pay for what you consume! As well as this, natural gas is a fuel whose quality is guaranteed: its combustion does not produce fine particles or sulphur. An efficient gas stove or insert consumes a minimal amount of gas, and the bill is much cleaner too: although the maximum efficiency is not as high as that of a wood or pellet stove, its efficiency remains high, whatever the setting. And any variation is instant! It is even possible to adjust and programme the gas stove or insert to stay at a specific temperature: the stove automatically comes on to get to this target, and goes into standby mode once it is reached. A gas stove is a decidedly practical and agreeable heating system.

How much energy does a gas stove or insert consume ?

It all depends on the capacity of the stove, as well as on the setting used. The higher the power, the more fuel the gas stove or insert consumes. For example, a device with a capacity of 7 kW consumes around 1m3 per hour when on its highest setting. But the heat can be reduced instantly: one of the burners can be switched off, halving the power and consumption !

How can you minimise your gas consumption ?

By choosing an efficient gas stove or insert that uses the latest technology. Stûv gas stoves are all fitted with a double row of injectors, which give you the option to adjust heat production and flame size, at the same time as guaranteeing optimum efficiency. As well as this, the “wave” programme can help reduce gas consumption by 10 to 45%, depending on the setting and the number of burners activated. The wi-fi app, available as an option, calculates the savings you have made !

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