Looking after your Stûv P-10 pellet stove
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Looking after your Stûv P-10 pellet stove

To get the most out of your Stûv P-10 wood pellet stove in the long term, it is important to take a few simple steps to look after it every day. Once or twice a week, depending on how frequently you use your stove, a more thorough clean is recommended. Lastly, once a year, a professional should come and check the stove.

Day-to-day care

> The metal parts

Every time you use your pellet stove, before you start, it is important to give the metal parts a quick wipe with a dry cloth. When it’s cold of course!

> The glass 

When the door of the combustion chamber is open, using the cool handle, it doesn’t take long to clean the glass: use a soft cloth, slightly moistened with an ordinary glass detergent, or a damp cloth dipped in ash (a very ecological solution!), or 000 steel wool. For a more thorough clean, Pierre d’argent (or Pierre d’argile) is particularly effective. It is very important that you do not clean the glass on your wood pellet stove with a corrosive product, as this will damage the seals and the paint. When the glass is clean, it is essential that you dry it thoroughly, as greasy residue tends to attract the smoke particles.

> Deashing

The Stûv P-10 is equipped with a really practical deashing lever: behind the lower door, there is an ash “shaker”, which you should oscillate ten or so times from right to left every time before using your pellet stove. This mechanism cleans the ring on which the wood pellets burn. Once the deashing is complete, the lever should be returned to its original position, on the right. If the stove is in use all the time, it is recommended that you turn it off once a day, leave it to cool down completely, then deash before lighting it again.

Weekly care

> The ash pan

The ash needs to be removed at least once for every 150kg of pellets burned. For this, all you need to do is empty the ash pan once or twice a week, before starting your stove, so that the ash and embers are cold (to avoid getting burned). Once you have taken the ash pan out, check where it sits: some ash may have fallen out, in which case all you need to do is vacuum it up. Once you’ve finished, make sure you secure the ash pan in position, otherwise air might get in and disrupt combustion.

> The combustion chamber and the deashing grill

As with day-to-day care, the combustion chamber should be opened before starting up your pellet stove, using the cool handle. It can be cleaned, quite simply, with a vacuum cleaner. To get to the deashing grill, all you need to do is remove the flame shaper and the combustion ring. No need to clean the vermiculite: using the Stûv P-10 on maximum power will burn any deposits and give it back its light colour. Once you have vacuumed the grills, put the flame shaper and combustion ring back in place, then just close the door of the combustion chamber using the cool handle and... enjoy a nice fire!

Annual care

Once a year, or when the stove automatically displays the message “contacter service” (contact service) after the specified number of burning hours, it is a good idea to contact a Stûv-approved professional. This technician will check and clean the different parts of the pellet stove, by carrying out the following processes: 

- emptying and cleaning the wood pellet hopper,

- cleaning the extractor and smoke ducts,

- cleaning the exchanger,

- sweeping the chimney,

- checking the seals on the door and extractor,

- checking and cleaning the different parts of the burner.

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